Misconstrued. Giving Awareness.

It’s crazy to me that in less than three months I will have a degree and a license to do what I will be doing for the rest of my life.

I absolutely love it. I would never have picked anything different. Massage therapy is what I was born to do. My clients have told me that they can sense that. When they can feel that kind of career passion as much as I do, it makes me happy. That’s why I decided to join this business.

There are a lot of misunderstandings about massage therapy.

No I will not practice on you for free when I know for a fact that in three months you will not pay me to provide the same service. I am going to school to do this. It is expensive.

Also. No, I will not give happy endings. That is very much against the law. I did not go to prostitution class and I’m not a hooker. You may think that it is hilarious to ask me anyway, but so did the last five thousand people.

Massage can help with more things that anyone could ever imagine. Unless of course their a massage therapy guru or Yoda or something. Pretty much anything that you can think of, there is a modality or technique of massage therapy that could help. Massage is meant to help the body fix itself, not to fix it 100 percent. And one appointment won’t make everything better for the rest of your life. It takes commitment, just like physical therapy or taking pills from your doctor. But it can definitely help immensely. And it’s a far less invasive approach to a lot of practices in western medicine.

So check it out! It’s amazing! Even if you just get a floofy feel-good Swedish massage, anything helps. :) Plus it feels amazing and it gives you time to completely relax.

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